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Renter’s Guide

Miami’s condo market is a highly competitive industry with its own set of rules. In order to successfully rent a condo in the city, you need to be smart and well-prepared.

This guide aims to give you a head start so you can stand out from other potential tenants and live in your dream condo in Brickell.

Essential Tenant Requirements

Landlords have different standards, but the essential requirements are usually the same. Make sure to have the following before you make an offer.

  • U.S. government-issued ID
  • Recent credit report, bank statement, and pay slips
  • Employment letter/certification
  • Referral letter or e-mail from your previous or current landlord

Some landlords require additional documents to prove that you are an upstanding member of society.

Pointers to Remember

  1. Know what you want.

    Before you look for a condo, you should have a clear picture of the property you’re looking for. This will effectively narrow down the search and save you both time and energy.

  2. Make sure your finances are in order.

    To get a landlord to consider and approve your offer, you need to prove that you are financially capable to rent the condo. The best way to show this is by providing proper documentation. This can include bank statements or your most recent pay slips. Sometimes, a certificate from your employer can also do wonders to your offer, as it proves you have a source of income and the means to pay rent.

  3. Start your search at least 4 weeks before your moving date.

    Four weeks give you plenty of time to scour the Brickell condo market with your realtor, enter a lease agreement, and get the approval you need. Don’t wait around. Since the Brickell market is highly competitive, you might miss your chance if you procrastinate. It helps to have all your requirements on hand to finalize the lease as soon as possible.

  4. Don’t rely on third-party sites for information.

    While you can get information about the Brickell condo market online, not everything you read will prove to be useful or even accurate.

    Instead of turning to the internet for information and advice, work closely with a Brickell condo specialist. Brickell Condo Real Estate can be the most reliable source of information. Moreover, you will be able to gain more insight about the market and make the right moves to meet your prospective landlord’s standards and comfort level.

  5. Prepare for related fees.

    Deposits, move-in fees, elevator fees, and the building application fee are usually shouldered by you, the tenant. Meanwhile, the standard practice is for the landlords to handle the commissions.

    Brickell Condo Real Estate offers services that will streamline the rental process in the Brickell area for you. These include condo showings, price and term negotiations, and building management coordination.


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