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Seller’s Guide

Here is everything you need to know if you are putting your Miami condo on the market:

A step-by-step guide to selling a condo in Miami

  1. Work with a real estate professional by working with an experienced and knowledgeable professional from start to finish.A real estate agent’s in-depth market knowledge and industry experience will help you:
    • Get through all the processes and paperwork involved
    • Price your property fairly and objectively
    • Create an effective and highly visible marketing plan
    • Determine the optimal timing for publishing your listing
    • Have a dependable representative during the negotiation stages
  2. Decide on your selling goals Think about your selling priorities. Do you prefer to make a quick sale or do you have time to wait for the best offer? Understanding your goals will help you and your agent craft an effective sales and marketing plan.
  3. Make your condo market-ready Spruce up your property by giving it a thorough cleaning. Get it inspected for appliances, air-conditioning, and plumbing issues, to name a few. Addressing problems early will help you avoid delays toward the closing of the deal.
  4. Review offers Work with your agent to maintain an objective eye when you review the offers that come in. Your agent will help you find sound offers that will allow you to negotiate a more favorable final price.Review the contingencies indicated in each offer to avoid loopholes that may leave you conceding more than you should.
  5. Go into escrow When you accept an offer, the escrow process begins. In this stage, your role as the seller is to grant appraisers and inspectors access to your property. Address any issues found so the deal can be closed as soon as possible. Be prepared to respond to any questions and concerns about the property title as well.
  6. Close the sale When all contingencies are met, finalize your deal with the buyer. The earnest money previously held in escrow will be released.

Bonus tips for Miami condo sellers

  • Showcase the waterfront

If you are selling a condo with a good view of the waterfront, be sure to highlight this feature in your marketing materials. Capitalize on the latest digital technologies like drone-mounted video cameras to capture impressive aerial views of your unit, building,and neighborhood.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer
    When reorganizing or staging your living spaces for viewings or marketing materials, think more like a buyer than a homeowner. Consider parts of the property to be most scrutinized (the kitchen and the bathroom), as well as which fixtures and features that would excite them or catch their attention.
  • Price conservatively
    Instead of listing your condo at the top end of current market prices, consider a price point that’s slightly lower. While it seems counter-intuitive, this strategy can lead to rewarding results in a competitive market like Miami. Attracting some interested buyers can encourage a bidding war, which may raise your final sale price well above your target.

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